MyCashManager® by FinTech Solutions© is an online banking application.

MyCashManager® transforms the way corporate users interact with their bank accounts while running their business.

The main value proposition of the product comes down to incredible, intuitive, simple and completely different users experience from what enterprise banking solutions currently are in the US. It’s design and user interactions are delivered in one page interface with fully interactive portlet-like interface.

My goal was to create designs all the way from a concept, to wireframing, visual design, interactive prototyping and complete production ready implementation of all assets and interactions of a product (Desktop, Tablet & Mobile).

I used Sketch to design interface, InVision for prototyping, Illustrator for rapid wireframing during live remote design sessions with US based product owner (via Webex), and other design tools (including but not limited to Photoshop, Illustrator etc.) for brand identity, marketing materials etc.

I also made a marketing landing page for the company using WordPress (, as well as VC decks and other corporate collateral and marketing materials.

The success was measured by the product owner via live presentations to VCs, clients (banks) and end users (business owners) as well as based on user testing via InVision prototypes, and even pro conferences and other gigs among fintech community.